Rock Drilling Tools

Hardrock-Vertex is proud to say we have the broadest range of 100% Canadian made products – ranging from handheld drilling consumables to top hammer shanks, couplings, rods and drill bits.


We also supply a line of Down the Hole hammers and drill bits, and hole openers of all sizes. Hardrock-Vertex will work with our customers to design any drilling tool they feel may be advantageous to their drilling environment. We stand behind our products and provide ongoing After Purchase service and support.

  • Tapered drill steel – 7, 11 and 12 degree taper
  • Reaming drill steel
  • Tapered socket drill bits – 32mm and large
  • Button bits or cross bits
  • Round, Parabolic or Ballistic tungsten carbide inserts
  • Tapered reaming drill bits – round or parabolic carbides
  • NEW – Light weight one piece cheater steel
  • NEW – one piece tapered reaming bits
  • Bit knock off block – both standard and reaming
  • R22 / R25 Extension Drill steel – M/F or M/M
  • R22 / R25 threaded drill bits – 32mm and larger
  • Striking bars (shanks) for all drifter models
  • Couplings and Coupling Adaptors – all thread combinations
  • Threaded drill steel – T38/T45/T51, M/F or M/M any length
  • Threaded Drill bits – all sizes, all threads, all face configurations
  • Round, Parabolic, Semi – Ballistic and full ballistic tungsten carbide inserts
  • Threaded Retrac Drill Bits – all sizes
  • Threaded Hole Openers – any size combination required

  • DTH Hammers – from 3” and larger
  • DTH Drill bits – all sizes and configurations
  • DTH Reaming Hole Openers
  • DTH Hammer replacement parts

  • Threaded bit adaptors
  • Cross over couplings
  • Hole savers – bell and spear type
  • Split set drivers

Tapered Button Bit

Tapered Cross Bit

Bolter Bit

Reaming Shell

Jumbo Button Bit

Threaded Coupling

Guide Bit

Pilot Adaptor

Hole Opener

Retrac Button Bit

Standard Button Bit

Dome Reamer Bit

Tapered Reamer Bit

Jackleg Reamer Bit

Bit Knocker

Jackleg Reaming Drill Steel

Jackleg Drill Steel

Striking Bars


The above products are just a sample of typical drill rods we manufacture.
If you require drill rods for a custom application, contact us by email or use our quotation form.