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Can you supply exactly the rod we need, made to our specifications?

YES-PROBABLY! Hardrock-Vertex can match almost any shank configuration, bit attachment, dimensions, auger pitch, rotation, etc. in use today. We also have developed superior connection systems that are easy to couple and uncouple. However, we have our limitations.


We need our new rods

Sometimes, but we can't work miracles! Since your rods are made to your specifications, we usually need a few days to manufacture your rods to our high standards. However, we are known for very fast response to orders.


Why do you call it 'auger' steel?

The spiral flights on our rods act like big twist drills and material-handling devices: they auger or actively transport material out of the hole.


Can you ship anywhere in the world?

YES. We are shipping every week to every corner of the globe! We have shipped many repeat orders to Russia, China, Australia, UK, USA, Mexico, Antarctica, Finland, Peru... the list goes on!


Can you help us find an auger rod that will perform better than the set-up we already have?

The answer is a definite "probably"! Our products are made to industry ISO specifications relating to forged collars, tapers, threads, etc. We can manufacture our rods and bits to fit your existing set-up. However, you might want to tap our extensive experience to try to improve your drilling performance. Are you sure what you have is the best for your needs? Complete the contact form and we can chat about it.


What type of Auger drill steel would you suggest for hard rock drilling conditions?

For hard rock drilling, we suggest TURBINE section Auger drill steel, carburized to 55 Rockwell.


What about drilling in soft rock for salt, coal, potash, etc.?

For soft rock drilling we suggest DIAMOND section Auger drill steel, carburized to 40 Rockwell.


What about drilling in soft rock for salt, coal, potash, etc.?

For soft rock drilling we suggest DIAMOND section Auger drill steel, carburized to 40 Rockwell.

Our product line:

Do you supply clockwise and counter-clockwise twisted Auger drill steel?

YES. Hardrock-Vertex supplies both left- and right-rotation rods at your required pitch for either rotary or percussion drilling.


What lengths of auger steel do you supply?

Hardrock-Vertex manufactures auger drill rods from 10” to 40 feet in length.


Are the flights welded onto your Auger drill steel?

NO. Hardrock-Vertex auger drill rods are manufactured (hot-twisted, forged, machined) in one piece from high quality, high-nickel steel alloys. There are no welds to fail and there is a double flight that is rolled as part of the core. The alloy, plus the one-piece construction, also permits us to fully heat-treat each rod for better wear resistance than any welded product.


Do you supply extension Auger drill steel?

YES. Hardrock-Vertex manufactures Extension Auger drill rods to your specifications.


Do you supply tapered JACKLEG drill steel?

YES. Hardrock-Vertex manufactures JACKLEG drill rods with 7 or 11 or 12 degree tapers.


Do you supply drill bits and accessories?

YES. Hardrock-Vertex manufactures and stocks drill bits and accessories to complement our Auger and traditional products.


Do you supply hollow rods for air or water flushing?

Both Turbine and Diamond Augers are available in hollow or solid. That is only one of the advantages of our one-piece drill rods!

Performance of our auger drill rods:

What is the difference in performance between untwisted and auger drill rods?

Traditional untwisted rods are useful for most standard drilling operations. However, auger drills typically can drill faster, straighter and cleaner than straight rods, and are more durable – especially in unstable ground.


Why is an auger rod better for drilling in unstable ground?

An auger rod actively removes both drill waste and collapsing material while drilling. Augers will drill and clean the hole at the same time. If an auger rod ever gets stuck, simply reverse the rotation to retrieve the rod – it will “unscrew” itself, often with the bit still attached.


We don’t have much unstable ground... why should we use auger rods?

Almost every underground mine encounters unstable ground at some point. Why not have a few of our Hardrock-Vertex auger rods on hand so that you’re ready to drill in any conditions?


Why do auger drill rods vibrate less than untwisted drill rods?

The outside diameter (edge of the flights) of a good-quality auger rod is a very close match to the cutting bit diameter, resulting in the rod running true in the hole. Hence, auger rods tend to stay straight, and not to rattle or sway.


Why do auger rods typically drill straighter holes than untwisted rods?

The outside diameter of a good-quality auger rod is a very close match to the cutting bit diameter, resulting in the rod running true in the hole. The hole directs the path of the rod, which results in a straighter hole.


Why are auger rods safer than traditional untwisted rods?

Less vibration results in less hand damage for the driller! Running true and having straighter holes results in less flexing of the rods so the risk of breakage is drastically reduced.

Technical details about our auger drill rods:

Does hot-twisting of the high-nickel rolled steel change its internal structure?

YES. Microscopic views of our twisted alloys show that the metal “fibres” are permanently aligned in a spiral pattern that increases flexural, tensile and compressive strengths. Rope is made in a twisted fashion for exactly the same reason.


Are your rods suitable for percussion equipment?

YES. Our auger rods are made from high quality; high-nickel rolled steel alloys to the highest industry standards. This alloy (and the one-piece construction) gives us the flexibility to heat treat or carburize to a given hardness. This means our products can be used in a percussion environment.


Why do you make your auger rods so durable?

We want you to eventually wear out our rods, not break them. Mine drilling rods have been around for over a century. During this time, much more powerful mining machines have been developed. Traditional untwisted mining rods often do not stand up to this abuse, especially because huge axial forces can cause untwisted rods to flex, vibrate and fail. Auger rods run true in the hole and vibrate much less. The high-nickel alloy used for manufacturing both our rotary and percussion rods also makes them more durable.

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